Paradise Island, Bahamas

What makes the Atlantis Resort so unique is its size and diversity. The resort is essentially a water/theme park, high-end resort, tropical oasis and world-class aquarium all rolled into one, so there are plenty of things to do and something for everyone! The Atlantis resort sits on the beautiful Caribbean beach and offers many activities such a banana boat rides and jet skiing.
There are numerous pools and water parks right in front of you Aquaventure is Atlantis’ new 63-acre waterscape. The Power Tower sits in the middle of a mile-long river ride called The Current. Riders are pushed along in their tubes – double or single – by a series of rapids, waves, and surges. No need to exit your tube to access the slide rides at the top of the Tower – conveyor belts transport riders to the top. Once there, riders can choose from three tube slides: The Drop, The Falls or The Surge. Braver souls can abandon their tubes for a vertical drop through The Abyss.

The Mayan Pool sits at the base of the Mayan Temple which houses the Leap of Faith (another vertical drop slide), the Jungle Slide, the Serpent Slide (which empties into a clear tube surrounded by sharks) and the Challenger Slides (side-by-side slides that time each rider’s descent to the bottom). There are also a series of smaller slides, hot tubs, and waterfalls around the base of Mayan Pool.

Now the thrill of fish feeding is available for little ones over 3 years old or up to 48 inches tall. Five children will be selected daily to take part in the Aqua Tots programs. This 20-minute feeding experience at the Estuary Lagoon is offered at 2:30 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Participants need to have water shoes and must also be able to enter the Lagoon independent of their parent or guardian who must be in attendance at the feeding. All children ages 3-5 must be toilet trained and Diaper/Pull-Up free.

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