10 Worst Cities to Raise Children

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia is the first of many to be on this list because of the high cost of living factors. This comes to us according to forbes.com. Virginia Beach provides a lush atmosphere at an extremely high cost. While the high cost is worth the safety of our families, the average person would struggle to make ends meet if living in Virginia Beach.

Providence, Rhode Island

According to forbes.com, Providence, Rhode Island makes the list of 10 worst kid-friendly cities because of its high cost of living. Raising a family with a normal cost of living is tough enough, throw on top of that an extremely high cost of living, you just have a recipe for disaster.

Las Vegas, Nevada

According to forbes.com Las Vegas, Nevada makes to the list because of its crime rates and nightlife. While there are parts of Las Vegas that are not affected by these conditions the overall percentage of the city deal with extremely high crime rates and produce an atmosphere that is not suitable for children.

San Diego, California

San Diego families spend significantly more on housing than those in most other cities, at $1,592 and $1,355, respectively. For this reason, San Diego makes the 10 Worst Kid-Friendly Cities simply because it is extremely expensive to raise a family in San Diego without living outside your means.

Cleveland, Ohio

According to forbes.com Cleveland residents pay less on housing and the basics than those in most other cities, the median income in the struggling city is low enough that annual living costs amount to 85% of what a typical family earns. Leaving very little for outside expenses such as doctor bills and other entities.

Orlando, Florida

According to forbes.com Orlando, Florida makes the list because of the danger factor. When you think of Orlando most people think ok Mickey Mouse and a variety of theme parks. What few people know is Orlando is one of the most dangerous cities to live in. Thus giving it a spot on the 10 worst kid-friendly cities.

San Antonio, Texas

Not surprisingly, San Antonio has a lot of the same problems that other cities in Texas have. A low graduation rate and high crime. One area where it does do better is in the number of playgrounds. This alone, however, is not redeeming enough to take it off the list of the worst cities to raise children. This information was found on forbes.com.

Los Angeles, California

According to forbes.com Los Angeles makes the list because it has the second highest cost of living, on the list of 10 worst cities to have a family in addition to only one playground per 10,000 residents, and a meager graduation rate, it’s no surprise that the City of Los Angels is on the top 10 worst cities for children.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans makes the list of worst family-friendly cities because of high crime rates and a dangerous atmosphere. Due to hurricane Katrina parts of New Orleans are still being fixed and put back together. Many areas have been left untouched and abandoned. In recent years the crime rate in New Orleans has also increased.

New York, New York

According to forbes.com, It may come as a surprise to some, but New York City is actually one of the safest place to live. However, its exorbitant cost of living and meager graduation rate (less than 40 percent) still make it a bad place to raise children.

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