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Top 2 Cities for Obesity Rates Detroit, Michigan is #1 out of the top 25 states ranked for obesity statistics. Michigan's obesity rate is among the nations highest and most expensive. It costs residents $3 billion a year, and threatens personal well-being, business productivity and the economy. About one in four residents suffers from obesity, making nearly two-thirds of the state's adults are obese or overweight. The price tag for this epidemic is huge. The medical costs alone are about $300 for every man, woman and child in Michigan, or more than enough to wipe out the state's budget deficit for the past two years. Seven percent of all medical expenses in the state are due to obesity, and half is paid by taxpayers, through Medicaid and Medicare. Houston, Texas is #2 out of 25 of the top 25 ranked stated for obesity statistics. Rates of obesity in Texas children are among the highest in the nation and may be increasing faster than many experts previously thought, a study by The University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston shows. The Texas Education Agency awarded more than $1 million to HISD to benefit physical-education programs for students in sixth through eight grades. The funds will also allow health and physical education teachers to invite health consultants to the schools to re-enforce these important health lessons.

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