City Ranking 2004: Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA Large City City Project Right Quick Productions Right Quick Productions (RQP) provides an artistic voice to underserved and under-represented youth in Baton Rouge who traditionally have had no access to video, film, and photography. RQP provides mentorship to aid in the development of these voices, and produces documentaries to raise awareness, create opportunities for dialogue, and empower the communities they serve. Population (Honor Roll) Grade: A- 3.8 % Population Change 24.4 % Population Under 18 Years Health Grade: C- 15.0 % Births to Teens 11.1 Infant Mortality Rate 79 % of Eligible Women not receiving Title X Services 1 Contraceptive Equity 14.4 % of Kids without Health Insurance Education Grade: C 80.1 % of Residents with a HS Diploma 34 Ratio of PopEd Teachers Trained 3 Sex Ed Data 20 % of Kids Proficient in Reading, Grade 4 17 % of Kids Proficient in Math, Grade 8 Community Grade: B 21.1 % of Kids in Poverty 36.6 % Growth in Urbanized Land 1119 Rate of Violent Crimes 3 Recycling OVERALL C RANK 75 out of 80 Unranked Indicators 227,818 Population 1,144.8 City Density 602,894 MSA Population

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