City Ranking 2004: Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL Large City City Project Birmingham Children's Theatre As a professional theater of adults performing for youth and family audiences, the mission of Birmingham Children's Theatre (BCT) is to serve the community as an educational resource while increasing students' exposure to quality theatrical arts. Now in its 57th year as Alabama's premier children's theater, BCT offers more than 600 performances and reaches an average of 75 Alabama cities each year. Approximately 400,000 children and family audiences experience BCT's educational arts opportunities annually through family performances, tours, school performances, summer workshops and guest artist presentations. Population Grade: A- -8.5 % Population Change 25.0 % Population Under 18 Years Health Grade: C- 18.0 % Births to Teens 17.3 Infant Mortality Rate 60 % of Eligible Women not receiving Title X Services 1 Contraceptive Equity 9.3 % of Kids without Health Insurance Education Grade: C- 75.5 % of Residents with a HS Diploma 8 Ratio of PopEd Teachers Trained 3 Sex Ed Data 22 % of Kids Proficient in Reading, Grade 4 16 % of Kids Proficient in Math, Grade 8 Community Grade: C- 19.8 % of Kids in Poverty 50.6 % Growth in Urbanized Land 1242 Rate of Violent Crimes 1 Recycling OVERALL C- RANK 80 out of 80 Unranked Indicators 242,820 Population 625.3 City Density 921,106 MSA Population

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